Raindrop Stop – My Big Backyard @ Botanical Gardens

My Big Backyard:

This family garden is a place for jumping, splashing, digging, creating, daydreaming, discovering, and simply enjoying time spent outdoors.

  • It’s part Children’s Museum…lots of things to see and do.
  • It’s part Playground…with challenging structures for active play like slides, tunnels and balance beams.
  • It’s part Outdoor Art Gallery, featuring the work of over thirty local artists.
  • It’s part Horticultural Display, with a wide variety of specimens that would interest any gardener.

But mainly it is a Garden designed to engage children in outdoor play. We hope to inspire parents to take the message home and create spaces in their own backyard that will foster an appreciation for the natural world.



Raindrop Stop comes on every 30 minutes. It begins with 1 minute of clouds and thunder followed by 2 minutes of “rain”. This feature is active from early May to late September.