WKNO Channel 10 Telethon - March 9, 2016

WKNO Channel 10 Telethon – March 9, 2016

Members from the Indian community braved the thunderstorms and flash-flooding to help volunteer at the WKNO Channel 10 (PBS) telethon from 7PM-10PM last night.We answered the phones and took pledges from callers. We raised over $10,000 yesterday. The shirts we wore proudly said “Indians for a Better Memphis”. Thanks to all of you who showed up to help despite the… Read more →

Goals and Values

About a decade ago, a handful of people of Indian origin came together to establish this organization when they realized that together we can have a bigger impact on the lives of the people in Memphis (and nearby areas) instead of working in smaller groups. The idea was to create an avenue to give back to the community that we… Read more →