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Memphis Indian community volunteers pack over 10,000 pounds of food at Mid-South Food Bank


On Saturday, April 11th, over 40 Indian community volunteers helped out at the Mid-South Food Bank (MSFB) by dividing up and packing food for the needy. Many kids also took part in the effort. We handled over 10 thousand pounds of food. Ken, one of the employees at the MSFB, stated that our help was greatly appreciated because there were only 6 full time employees at the MSFB.

Because of the tremendous need for basic food in the Mid-South, the work at the MSFB would not be possible without volunteers such as those who participated at this worthwhile event this past Saturday. Everyone with whom I spoke enjoyed the experience and wanted to do it again.

~ Salil Parikh

Thank you to our volunteers!

Ajitabh Gupta, Gita Kumtha, Anith Larson, Sunil Menothu, Bryan DSouza, Salil Parikh, Amit Lahoti, Pankaj Kumar, Anupam Lahiri, Juni Ganguli, Astrid Balink, Sarfraz Kathawala, Kathy Merrick, Khushboo Kabra, Nithanth Sivakumar, Philji John, Ria Mathe, Jay Dharsandia, Sarla Dharsandia, Sharan Salian, Tejas Ramachandran, Sreenath Shanker, Sivakumar Sankaran, Trushar Jeevan


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