ICFGM Volunteers Making Impact – Mid-south Food Bank Volunteering September10, 2022


ICFGM THANKS THE VOLUNTEERS who committed time to serve the community yesterday, September 10, 2022. We had fifty people volunteer at Midsouth Food Bank, one of the favorite, and family-friendly volunteering events. Your effort and support made an impact on our local community, and an organization that serves approximately 300 families a day, 2200 families a week, and 250K families a year. The facility that you helped support yesterday raised close to $35m during the pandemic alone and continues to feed the need.

And, your volunteering makes the partnership with Mid-South Food Bank much more purposeful and impactful for ICFGM to further commit to the mission to serve our local community and make a difference. Take a moment to view (click here https://youtu.be/vvKIfMI5zpI) the awesome team of young girls and boys as well as grown-ups who supported by sorting food at the facility.



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