ICFGM Support Literary Program on World Peace

One of the gifts from the Mahatma Gandhi 150 birth anniversary celebration here in Memphis last year was to the Germantown Public Library to support a literary program on world peace. A topic dear to the late Mahatma. Drop in at the library today and check out the various activities planned around the event. The official ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 4PM today at the library – 1925 Exeter Rd, Germantown TN.

A section of the library will be dedicated to hosting a collection of books on peace and justice by acclaimed authors. The inaugural special collection will be about 50 peer-reviewed books. These will be primarily be hardback award winning editions and best sellers. Most of the titles will be on an adult reading level, but will also have a sample of titles for youth.

The interest each  year from the grant will be used to keep the collection complete and fresh. Over time, the endowment could receive additional funding from the community to increase the size of the annual interest. 

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